Scout Productions / Scout Asia

We are a group of experienced Location Managers and Producers. Previously independent we have now formed Scout to cope with the increasing demands of our clients.

The principle of Scout is to undertake any job as a team, pooling our considerable knowledge and resources so that even the largest jobs can be covered easily.

We are happy to offer advice at any stage of Production; from consulting on budgets to using our substantial offline image library to provide reference.

Algy Sloane

Started working with locations in 1998.

Commercials Production: I have worked with Stephen Daldry, Roger Michell. Sean Meadows, Blink (Vaughn Arnell)Thomas Thomas (Kevin Thomas) Partizan (Traktor, Patrick Bergh, Eric Lyne) Gorgeous (Frank Budgen, Tom Carty) Channel 4 (Brett Foraker, Tom Tagholm, Phil Lind)

Stills: I have worked with Stuart Hamilton, David Allan Brandt, Jim Fiscus, George Kavanagh, Dan Burn Forti

Feature Films: Head of Department on Driving Lessons (Dir:Jeremy Brock), Creep (Dir: Cristopher Smith) Sons of the Wind (Dir Julien Seri) and have worked on The Good Shepherd (Dir: Robert De Niro) Death at Funeral (Frank Oz) Straightheads (Dan Reed)

Hugo Smith-Bingham

Started working with locations in 1997.

Commercials Production: I have worked with Hungry Man (Tony Barry, Leslie Ali) Moon Films (Mike Stephenson, Armando Ianucci, Tristram Shapeero, David Kerr) RSA (Brett Foraker, James Bryce) Godman (Vaughn Arnell , Olivier Venturini) Factory (Borkur) Gerard De Thame, Outsider (dom & nic) Partizan (Doug Nichol), Channel 4 (Brett Foraker, Phil Lind) Saville Prods (Roger Michel) Weilands (Paul Weiland, David Garfath)Gorgeous (Tom Carty, Frank Budgen) BBC (Andrea Kapos) Radical Media (Stuart Douglas)

Stills: I have worked with Simon Mills, Aston Keiditsch, Katerina Premfors, Stuart Hamilton, Antoni Bernard, Paolo Roversi, Jim Ficus

Feature Films: Saving Private Ryan (dir Steven Spielberg) Assistant Location Manager, Driving Lessons (dir Jeremy Brock) Second Unit Location Manager, Death at a Funeral (dir-frank Oz) Location Manager

Rod Haak

Commercials Production: I have worked with Kevin Thomas (Thomas Thomas) Frank Budgen, Chris Palmer (Gorgeous) Jonathan Glazer (Academy) Dom & Nic (Outsider) Stuart Douglas (Nice Shirt)

Stills: I have worked with Simon Mills, Ashton Keidisch, Glen Garner, Paulo Riversi

Feature Films: Sexy Beast (Jonathan Glazer), Death at A Funeral (Frank Oz)

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Algy : : 07930 276 235
Hugo : : 07973 272 412
Rod : : 07831 459 598